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An Ode To our First Dance Teachers: Kwasa Kwasa,Loi, Soukous, Takeu Style

tumblr_m8fam5oLTB1qebpzp tumblr_m8famfE2B11qebpzp

Boyi is like “Don’t jealous me!”

 Don’t pretend that you weren’t once like this nje ya hao na watoto wa esto unapologetically dancing to Kanda Bongo Man, Awilo, Koffi Olomide and the short lived Mr. Nice.

I freely admit to being a part of these impromptu dance troupes, although this kid here is giving me life with all the rhythm and attitude.

These are the artists’ whose songs our parents would force us to dance to during birthday bashes or any other occasion where liqour and music was involved. Mmekaa Roasters ama ile place karibu na Umoja eating nyamachoma and mutura while prepping for the kids to be taken to the dance floor at 7 pm. Ile kubanjuka serious. Those dancing competitions were intense, anything for a box of biscuits and a lollipop. Or free facepaint. Or an extra piece of nyama once you got back to your table.

Those kids are katikaing something serious. We!

And I am sure there is an uncanny resemblance between Boyi and Kemboi hapa:


Coincidence? I think not!

Oh to be young again. 🙂

Oh to be satisfied with such little things as House of Manji biscuits and Chuppa Chupps.

I know there are countless dance inspirations out there but these are the ones I will freely admit to dondosaing to. Feel free to share those I have missed !

Good times.


2 thoughts on “An Ode To our First Dance Teachers: Kwasa Kwasa,Loi, Soukous, Takeu Style

  1. OMG… Kanda Bongo Man!!! I remember my sister and I going nuts to his stuff – long time ago. Had no idea what the genre of music was or what was being said or anything… just kept dancing! lol…

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