Humor / Kenya


So I was minding my own business scouring the internet and I came across this on Nation:

Somalian Boyband

The Next Somalian N’Sync

o__O * chuckles*

According to the Daily Nation, this is a picture of an upcoming boyband/group in Somalia whose name I can’t recall at this moment in time. Watch this space though.

Not to throw any shade, sio mambo ya kuchongoa, sio mambo ya kutoa wasee rangi but those Somalian kijanas look fresh as 1980s curl-kit and the MC Hammer pants are representing. Only that we are in the 2010s. But I’m not hating. I PROMISE.


Those poses have been struck to the tom tom drums near River Juba and Shabelle and nobody can tell them nothing. That Kodak studio that took their photo-ops must have needed to shut down because the boy-band was so stunting so hot they short-circuited the wires. Those jamaas have perfected the art of Uhuru Park posing and they are not afraid to show us how it’s done. They should not only sell their music but market their poses in Success and Valentines Day cards. They will sell out in minutes.

All I’m saying that the end of the day is that I’m 100% here for it and can’t wait for the music videos to drop.


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