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Tujuane:Do YOU Know What Fencing Is?

I had no idea what Tujuane, a dating show on KTN that had mostly gone under the radar (at least over here), was until my friend informed me about the now infamous Episode 12 making waves on Twitterverse. I honestly didn’t expect much: I thought it was going to be a reboot of those old relationship reality shows when one would choose a suitable partner after a series of questions to eligible partners hidden behind a curtain partition.

As you can see, I walked in with 0 expectations. Then about two minutes into the video, this happened :


Mirfat, tell us how you REALLY feel???!

That’s when I knew mambo sasa imechacha. I almost wanted to stop the video, make some popcorn and settle in on a nice chair to watch what was gonna be an awesome train wreck episode.


Me settling in to see the drama unfold. Hio kiti weka poa kabisa!

Enter George, msee wa Eastlando living in Kasarani, owns a production company and is a photography director.


Georgie, if you only knew then…

Then we have Mirfat: production assistant who made sure George ( and the rest of us) knew that she works for Ms. Citizen TV Julie Gichuru.

THERE. WAS. SO. MUCH. SHADE. IN. THIS. EPISODE. I almost felt like I needed to rewind, take notes and analyze them because they were so damn funny. You have Mirfat over there with her soulmusic-jay-zloving-chasing-the-food-down-her-throat high class life who was just looking at George as if ni kama ameletewa chokora to date. Mirfat was speed dating that food so fast you would have thought she had been the last one to get in the DH and the bell rang for afternoon classes na bado hajakula. Ala!

George naye was not to be left behind; don’t let that dark chocolate brother fool you with his cool trilingual ( if you count sheng’) vibe. Dude was throwing bombs left, right and center and he wasn’t here for Mirfat’s chakula-bila-maombi life. The guy seemed to be smitten in the first 5 minutes but after that I don’t even know why he just didn’t up and leave her. That fencing quip would have been enough to have me leaving msichana wa watu achonge viazi peke yake. But you know hiyo plastic ( It looked like Barclays [free advertising mazee]) vile aliitoa ni kama alikuwa anacheza poker kwa restaurant but Mirfat was having none of his plastic “ghetto” money. Nonsense!!

There are so many things that were wrong with that episode but one thing that I kept thinking was how she kept on belittling how he spoke ( I know she went after his clothing and such). That he must be  ghetto by his dress, language , music and overall attitude. It seems that the speaking of sheng’ seems to rub certain kinds of Kenyans the wrong way, and I touched briefly on it a while ago. I suppose it hits close to home because I am from Eastlands and all my life sheng’  has been around me in various iterations, and in spite of my own personal gripes with it, see no reason why someone is judged by the language they use in casual conversation. For her to pretend ati vile she doesn’t even understand what he is saying ( Btw it’s not like he was speaking in tongues!!) because of his language choices and pattern of speech is a classic case of kuchanuka pasipo na haja. Girl, you were trying too hard. Kindly tuck your arrogance back into the waistband of your skirt.

So now Kenyans have formed all types of opinions on this. You should venture a visit on the comments section under the YouTube Channel. Kenyans are MALICIOUS! but also hilarious. Tell them how you really feel!!

By the way, I am not condoning any social media bullying sent to her, but I think that once you expose yourself on national TV like that, there is no coming back from it. I think she should just go under the radar; or maybe, just maybe she could become a reality star ( judging by how good the next episode of Tujuane will be).

You can watch the video here:

p.s.: Tujuane and KTN should stop playing and put the rest of the episodes on YouTube!Seriously! K24 has Connect mbona msitoe Tujuane tuone?


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